Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Date Night

Today's look is using the Bridgette palette and the 28 Neutral palette to create the perfect date night look.

To start with I used get liner as a base, in the color "Get Naked", there is a joke there, but I'll spare you.  I put a very light layer from the lashline to the browbone.

I used a midtone brown shade from the 28 Neutral palette and placed it through the crease.
To deepen the crease more, I took a darker matte shade a placed it through the crease as well, but I didn't blend as well so that you see both colors.
To make it even more dramatic, I then put black in the outer "V".  I also brought a small amount of black along the lashline as well.

I went into the Bridgette palette and used the color "Sandy Quartz" and filled in the entire lid and pulled a small amount under the lid.

For the liner, I used an Eggplant color and lined the entire length of the lid and put a small wing.  I then took the wing and pulled it into the crease to make a deeper "V".

I added mascara and put on pink blush and even pinker lipgloss. 

If you have any questions you can email me: beauty@stylefordummies.com, tweet me: @sedonalace_Leah, or you can find more information on this look and others on my personal blog: www.stylefordummies.com.

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