Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meet Dana and Daniela

Hello everyone we hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Today we will be introducing the new and exciting Babe Collection

What it is:

Our 5 new favorite travel compact palettes 

Each has 4 removable/interchangeable shimmer shadows that can be 

applied wet or dry to create a fun and fierce look! 

Find a BABE you love or get two or more to create YOUR very own 



Individual Compacts are only $12.95

The entire collection $49.95

Lets welcome these fun and edgy girls to the wonderful

Sedona Lace family shall we!

We will begin with the gorgeous pastel and bright colored compact named Dana.

Who is Dana?
 DANA- is Fun and Flirty-A walk in the park, a picnic with your Lover? This shimmer palette is just perfect for you! Colors include; snow white, blush, green mist and cadet blue 

Next in the family lets welcome Daniela.

 DANIELA is Soft and Feminine-Embrace the power of femininity and have your heart’s desire eating out of your hand. This shimmer palette is sweet and simply gorgeous! Colors include; carnation, pink rose, orchid and violet

One of the most unique things you can do with each of these 

compacts is to interchange and personalize each compact to your 

liking ! This is great for travel and for everyday if you want to 

maybe use a color form one and one from another!

Just pop out one of the little squares from underneath.....

That Simple!!!

These compacts are a great addition to your makeup bag and great on the go!

Come and check out the rest of the collection at Sedona Lace!





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  1. I love these! Wow! Man, I think it's time to start dropping some hints for the sweet-tart so he knows what to buy this babe LOL :)