Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cotton Candy Eyes

Hello everyone today we are bringing you a fun and super easy look that is very wearable. We will be incorporating pastels and very light colors into the look.

To achieve this look:

You will need:

We will begin as we do before applying any sort of eyeshadow to the lid and prime with a preferably white base to make the colors more prominent and noticeable for this look.

We will start using the EB21 with this pink shade and apply all over the lid.

Next we will use the EB13 and use this light blue and go into the crease.

Using the EB13 again we will go into the crease as well and blend slightly into the blue we applied previously.

To get a good blending of all of the colors, use the EB09 and blend, blend, blend!

Using the EB23 use some of the pastel blue and light purple to line the lower lash line.

Using the FB05 apply a rose colored blush and a bright pink lipstick to complete this look.

We hope you are all enjoying these looks and reviews. We love feedback and love hearing from our readers! Great things coming for the New Year so stay Tuned!



1 comment:

  1. How cute! I love how the inspiration came from a candy package! Did I ever tell you how jealous I am of the amount of "lid area" you have? LOL. Sounds weird, I know. Mine is so small. Haha. Great look as always, Cathy.