Friday, January 13, 2012

Modern Pin Up

Welcome back everyone and Happy Friday!  I did a very basic, but classic pin up inspired look using the 28 Neutral palette.  I hope you enjoy.

The first thing I did, as usual, was primed my lids and put down a base.  I chose a slightly shimmery creamy shadow that would add just a little bit of "something" behind the matte shadows.

I then took the EB09 and blended a nice medium tone brown into the crease.  I really blended well to create more of a shadow then a noticeable color in the crease.

With the #941 brush, I added a matte cream color to the lid and browbone.  I did not blend the color on the lid into the crease, I did, however, blend the browbone color into the crease color to create a seamless transition.

For my liner I wet the #561 using a setting spray and using the matte black in the palette, drew in my liner and wing.

When I was satisfied with the line, I went over it with black gel liner.

I tightlined the eye with a black liner and used a white liner in the waterline. With a felt tip pen liner, I darkened my eyebrows then used the EB17 to really fill them in and give them more of an arch ( I do not recommend doing this if you keep your brows very thick, as I do.  They became a little overwhelming in this look). I added my mascara to the top and bottom lashes and the eye look is complete.  You could add corner lashes to really make an amazing, more dramatic look.

After contouring the cheeks, I popped a very bright pink blusher to the backs of my cheekbones.

And no pin up look, modern or otherwise is quite complete without a red lip, although with a look this simple any color would look amazing.  When applying a red lip it is best to use a lip brush to really accentuate the shape and keep everything neat.  I used the LB23 to perfect the shape.

I hope you found this useful.  If you have any questions you can email me:, tweet me: @sedonalace_Leah, or you can find more information on this look my personal blog:

Until next time!!


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  1. Good job! I have yet to be able to create a modern pin up look. I just can't do it. LOL. It seems easy and do-able but not for me. Haha.