Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NV'ious Bronze Smokey Eye

Want these gorgeous bronzed eyes? Grab your Sedona Lace 88 Warm Palette and follow me!

Here's the brushes I used:

You'll need your Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo as a base to get started:

Use your EB11 Flat Shader Brush to pack this cream shadow onto your lids. It's ok if it's not perfect, because we are going to blend it out on the edges in just a minute!

Now use your EB13 Synthetic Blender (with no product on it!) to soften the crease:

Now, go to a light, matte brown in the 88 palette to put into the crease to soft the edges even more and give a nice transition to the highlight:

Use the same EB13 to apply the color in a windshield wiper motion until it's blended seamlessly in the crease! This should be very subtle.

Now grab the 863 Tapered Blending brush to add a bit of highlight under the brow bone. You can use a shimmer or a matte color:

I went for a more cream colored shadow, but use what flatters your skin tone best.

Now you can leave it like this for a more simple look, or you can keep going for something a bit more dramatic! Time to deepen up that outer-v! Grab a dark matte brown shadow with your 904 Pencil Brush:

Remember! Just pick up a bit, because these are really pigmented and a little goes a long way! You can always add more!

I start by touching the brush to the very corner of my eye and start moving in small circular motions until I get the V I'm looking for. This step will be different for everyone, as we all have different eye shapes.   Once you get the color where you want it, grab that 863 Tapered Blending brush again and work it until you've got the perfect blended outer-v!

Then you add a pop of color if you like on the bottom lashes! Grab that 904 Pencil Brush again! I chose those gorgeous berry color:

Just add a hint of this to your bottom lashes, be careful not to get it in your inner corner though!

Then add your favorite black liner to top lashes, black mascara, and black in the waterline to complete the look! False lashes with really amp up this look as well!

I hope you like this look and found this picture tutorial to be helpful! Please stop by my youtube channel for more tutorials, reviews, tags, and other beauty related topics! I'd love to hear from you on Twitter also!

Stay NV'ious!

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  1. Hey, Nicole! Great job on such a beautiful eye look! I love it and it looks amazing against your blue eyes. Congrats on this guest blog post!