Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jewel Tone

Hey everyone today’s look is based on jewels.  I used the 120 professional palette 2ndedition.  I hope you like the look.

The first thing I did was, as usual, put a base down to allow the colors to appear more vibrant and to help them last all day.  Today I chose a white creamy pencil and laid down a thin layer all over the lid.

The first color I decided to use is a very pale yellowy, gold color.  I placed that in the inner tear duct with the EB 21 brush.

With the EB 09 I patted on a beautiful shimmery blue to represent sapphires.  

With the same EB 09 I chose a very deep shimmery green, emerald color and put that all in the outer “V” and blended very well with a EB 13 brush.

The last step before mascara is to put your Amethyst color on the lower lashline with the EB 21.  

2 coats of mascara and your jewel tone look is complete!

Cathy and I would love to hear any request for looks or reviews that you have.  You can email me us (links below) or comment on any post.  

I hope you enjoyed the look. If you have any questions you can email me:, tweet me: @sedonalace_Leah, or you can find more information on this look and others on my personal blog:

Until next time!!


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