Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blues to fight the Blues

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is going great!! We've had wild storms and so to fight off the gloomies I went for a something bright and the blues in the 78 color eyeshadow palette are so vibrant I had to play with them today.

I began by priming my eye with two colors of cream eyeshadow.  I used a shimmery white for the inner corner, top and bottom and a blue for the outer portions.

I then took the #305 and placed the bright blue all over the blue cream shadow.  I didn't worry too much about blending, that gets taken care of a little later.

With the same brush I placed a matte white over the shimmery white base and blended into the blue on the lid and took the blending into the crease area.

With the amazing EB 15, I used a gray shade to blend the crease further and really diffuse the next color that will go through the crease.

With the #904, I took the darkest blue and placed it into the outer "V" of the eye and blended it under the eye and through the crease.

For the last step I took, the same blue color on the EB 23 and lined the top of the lash line to define the area.

Two coats of mascara and a blush and gloss from the palette and your ready to take on the gloomy day!

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Until next time!!

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  1. That is really pretty !

  2. Aw, too bad I don't look good in blue shadows because this is really nice. It looks good on you!