Monday, April 23, 2012

Orange Crush

Hello gorgeous readers today we will be working on a very popular look and trend. Orange seems to be the color this year and with summer around the corner, it will look absolutely fab with the perfect accessories, makeup , and fashion.

We will be using the 120 Pro Palette 2nd Edition and our favorite makeup brushes and an orange cream base.

We will begin by using this orange cream base to prepare the lid for the brighter eyeshadow we will be using on top

Next we will use this bright orange on top of the cream base we used.

Next we will use this shimmery orange shade in the outer crease.

Next we will highlight the brow bone with this shimmery gold shade.

Using a blue eyeliner gel we will line the lower lash line.

Wing out the liner on the top lash line as well in the same blue shade and add a pair of natural falsies.

We will use this coral shade blush on the cheeks.




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  1. Perfection! The color combo is heaven! I have become a fan of orange eyeshadow, I admit. I have really enjoyed this look!