Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Color Blocking Club Look

Hello everyone today we will be doing a funky super bright ready to party at the club kind of look. Color Blocking seems to be all the rave. Anything seems to go within reason of course with this trend.

We will be using the 120 Pro Palette 2nd Edition.

We will also need some of the amazing brushes for this look today.

Begin by using a white eyeshadow base to make these colors pop and appear more vibrant.

Next we will be using this hot pink shade all over the entire lid.

Next using this shimmery black shade, cut the crease and blend up and out. Remember less is more. We can always add more but can not take away.

We will use a blue shade to line the lower lash line to essentially create the "color Blocking" effect.

Add a pair of super Dramatic lashes....

Or go without falsies...

In either case you can add more black to the outer corner of the lid and crease if you want a very prominent dark almost smokey effect. Here we went a little lighter handed to make it a little more wearable.

Use a rosy blush and eyeliner gel on the water line to complete the look.




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  1. Nice! Very cool eye makeup look. Love the colors you picked out for this :)