Thursday, March 8, 2012

Neon Eyes

Now, before you read any further let me preface this look with, I know this is not a wearable to work look.  This is just me having fun with the 120 palette 2nd edition.  You can always take small snippets and input those into your daily look.  Although, I'm not sure when blue eyebrows will become fashion norm, but when they do we'll all be ready!

The first thing I did was took an orange cream shadow and put it all over the lid to use as a base for the rest of the look. 

With a #941 brush I placed the brightest orange in the palette all over the base I previously placed.

Using a frosty yellow, I placed that in the inner corner with the #904.

Using a very bright blue pencil I lined the upper lash line, the top and bottom waterline and slightly below the bottom lash line.

I then applied my mascara to one eye and while it was wet, took a shimmery blue eyeshadow and placed it all over the wet mascara to create blue lashes. 

With a concealer, I lightened my brows and while the concealer was tacky, I placed the same blue as above all over the brows.  For the rest of the face, I used an orange cream blush applied with the super versatile FB07.  With the lips, I used a peach lipstick and put some of the shimmery, frosty, yellow (the same color as on the inner corner of the eye) and put it right in the center of my lips.

I hope some of the aspects of this look were helpful for you.  That's what makes this palette so fun.  You can play and really create whatever look you could ever dream of.  So one night sit down with a stack of makeup remover cloths and have fun with the Sedona Lace products and send us your looks on facebook or twitter! We want to see what you can create!

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If you have any questions you can email me:, tweet me: @sedonalace_Leah, or you can find more information on this look and others on my personal blog:

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  1. Very creative! And no, it's not work friendly, but it's very unique. You picked a really great color combination here. Very creative on the colored lashes! And the eyeshadow looks so pretty--orange and yellow. I love the way your lips looked after adding in the yellow shadow. Very nice!