Monday, May 7, 2012

Neon Leopard

Hello everyone!! Happy Monday to you!! Today I'm sharing a look I did on one of my favorite people using the 120 professional palette 2nd edition.  She wanted something wild, bright, and fun.  So if you'd like to create a crazy leopard look grab your favorite brushes and lets get started.

The first thing I did, was used a white base all over the lids and under the lash line with an EB 11.  The first color I used was a bright, matte yellow on the EB 21 brush.  I went from the lash line to brow bone.  This is not going to be a work appropriate look.

I then took a matte orange and placed it next to the yellow, still using the EB 21.  I didn't bother blending just yet, I wanted to place all the colors and make sure I liked the transition before I worried with blending.

Still utilizing the same brush I followed the orange with a bright pink.  This color really popped on the white base. 

And lastly, I added a dark purple to the very outer corner with the EB 21, I brought the end out to a slight point.  I, also, ran this color under the lash line slightly.  I went back after placing the purple color and blended each color into each other more with the EB 09, to create a seamless transition in color.

With a eyeliner marker as a tool and not an eyeliner, I dipped the end into a black gel liner and placed small "C" shapes, circles, and dots all over the eye to look like leopard spots.

 As, a last step I added two coats of mascara, a touch of glitter to a few spots, and false lashes.

I really love this look, and thought it was so fun for summer.   I hope you enjoyed it to, and I hope to have some more looks staring my favorite model.

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  1. Not something I would wear because I am not that brave but it is awesome! I am in awe of the pigmentation of the shadows. They are really bright and bold. They are perfect!