Saturday, May 19, 2012

Something Blue

Hi everyone!! I hope you are having a great weekend!  Today I did a look using the amazing 88 warm palette.  This look was created to be worn to a wedding, but would look amazing anytime, even by the bride herself.  I hope you find this helpful. This palette along with the amazing Sedona Lace brushes, makes getting ready in the mornings easier then ever.  The entire look has the appearance of taking a while for blending, but with good brushes and shadows that are creamy and pigmented it can be thrown together in minutes.

The first thing I did was add a primer and then I took a copper color, that was metallic, and ran it through the crease using the EB 09.  This brush does all the "thinking" for you, it places the color and blends in one motion.

I then deepened the color using a matte black, this black is so very pigmented and is the best black I have in my entire collection.  I placed it into the outer "V" of the eye using the EB 21 for precision placement.

I was ready to put on my mascara and call it a day, but this blue color in the palette was just calling to me.  It is a gorgeous dusty blue color, so to incorporate it into the look, I used the EB 21 brush and ran the color under my lower lash line.  

Have a great rest of your weekend!! Check back for more looks and products from Sedona Lace!

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