Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Review - 88 warm palette

Today I wanted to take a look closer at the Sedona Lace 88 warm palette.  This palette contains matte and shimmery shades that range from very pale white shades all the way up to very dark black shades and every warm shades in between.  The palette is $22.95, which makes each shadow around $0.26.  They are very pigmented and give you a full range of colors to complete any look you wish to desire.

These are very long lasting and will last you even longer with the new Stick to 'em primer.  
The packaging is the same with all 88 palettes, and is shiny.  Yours will come sans the obnoxious finger prints. (sorry about that)
 The colors are gorgeous and I feel they are all useable and wearable colors and textures.

Here are a few of the amazing colors.

Even the lighter colors come off pigmented and beautiful on a non primed surface. 
I hope you found this look at the 88 warm palette helpful.  Check back for some looks featuring this palette and more from the Sedona Lace team.  If you haven't already, check out the site for the newest products such as the 12 piece synthetic profession brush set !

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