Monday, May 21, 2012

Prom Queen

Hello beautiful readers as summer approaches that means most of the school year is coming to an end. For many the anticipation of summer is just so exciting. For the Seniors it is so much more. There is the College acceptances, ring exchanges and ceremonies , and won of the most festive moments Prom.

What excuse does a girl really need to wear a gorgeous puffy dress, glitter and maybe even a tiara!

Today we will be doing a fun and sparkly look for any girl that isn't afraid to stand out from he crowd and anxiously awaits to be given that special title of Prom Queen!

We will be using the 120 Pro Palette 2nd Edition some of the awesome makeup brushes , glitter and false lashes.

The colors we will be using today have been marked for you to follow

We will begin by priming the entire eye with an eyeshadow primer to help with the color pay off and wear of the colors. This is an important even we don't want any fading or creasing in the eye area.

Using your #863 brush we will use a combination of these to shades and go into the crease and blend to create a transitional color.

We want to blend this into the crease very well. 

Next with this light purple shade we will go to the outer "V" and  slightly below where we applied the other 2 shades  and blend using the #407

At this point we want a little more depth and pop so we will darken slightly below the lighter purple shade we applied preciously and the outer "V"again as well.

We want to take that darker shade and line the lower lash line as well. 

Next we will use this frosty pink shade on the remaining inner 1/3 of the eye that hasn't had any color applied.

Now when working with glitter there are plenty of adhesives and products on the market to help with application.

Now for the Fun Part! If you have some lash glue handy take a small amount and you can either apply it to the lid then apply the glitter, or make a "paste' like consistency and apply it that way as well.

Now a couple of things when using glitter. We want to pat it onto the lid not swipe it like an eyeshadow. It will clump and give you gaps with skin peeking through and will be a complete mess once adhesive has dried.  

When using glitter be very careful to not get any of the granules of glitter in the EYE OUCH!!!!

Wait until the glitter is completely applied to the section of the eye you are working with. Try your best to not close your eye or blink until it has completely dried otherwise you will get some flaking and what not.

Apply a full set of lashes to complete your look and line your waterline with blackout eyeliner gel

Apply your favorite foundation with FB07 and a rosy blush to the cheeks. 

Be sure to highlight and contour those cheeks as well to look completely flawless in your Prom Pictures!




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