Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flawless Face using the Concealer palette

Hello everyone!! Today I am going to show you how you can use the Sedona Lace concealer palette to not only conceal your face, but create your foundation as well.  These concealers are so pigmented as a foundation, that you can cover most anything and with the great assortment of colors you can custom match your skintone perfectly.

To begin you will need to scoop out the color or colors of concealer you will need to make your foundation.
 I used the 4th color on the top.
Then all you need to add is your favorite moisturizer and mix thoroughly.
Apply with your Sedona Lace flat top buffer - FB07 in a patting motion and then buff the foundation into your skin.  This foundation will really buff in and have a beautiful finish.

After I applied the foundation I went back into the concealer palette and applied a concealer over and under the eyes.  Then just powder, I like using a mineral foundation to set.  Using the same palette you can make foundation, conceal, highlight, contour, and more.  I use the colors as eye bases as well.


After with just the concealer palette on:
With a full face:

I hope this was helpful and showed you how versatile Sedona Lace palettes are, and I will be back to show you more uses from this palette and more.

If you have any questions you can email me:, tweet me: @sedonalace_Leah, or you can find me on my personal blog:

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Until next time!!


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  1. Very nice. The end result look flawless. And your lips are gorgeous! The shade you are wearing is pretty awesome :)