Monday, December 5, 2011

Purple & Gold Look

Hello everyone today I will be showing you all a tutorial using the 120 Pre-Eyeshadow Palette 2nd Edition. Today's look will be very wearable and easy to do even for those as beginners.

So if you want to see how to achieve this look sit tight and lets begin...

The Colors we are using today have been marked with a kiss for you all to follow :-)

We all know that to achieve a long lasting eyeshadow look and to make your colors more vibrant we need to prime the eyelid and upper brow bone with your eyeshadow primer of choice.

1st we will start with this orangey gold shadow on the inner 1/2 of the eyelid.

2nd we will go in with this matte purple on the outer 1/2 of the lid

3rd we are going to Blend Blend Blend the purple into the crease

You will need to blend very well not only in the crease but where the gold meet the purple on the lid as well. We don't want there to be a harsh line and want the look to seem as seamless as possible.

4th we will go in with this matte beige color to highlight underneath the brow bone.

We will now go in with a purplish pink slightly above that crease to give a little more dimension and color.

At this point if you want the gold to be a little more vibrant you can now wet your brush and use this gold color in the inner half of the lid on top of the other color. 

Now we use the same purple we did in the outer lid on the lower lash line . Then go in with the gold on the inner corner of the eye and lower lash line as well and blend.
Line the Upper Lash Line with a black or  Gel Liner of your choice.
Add a pair of lashes to make this look a little more dramatic and festive.
 A plum or purplish blush for the cheeks and a nice nudeish pink lip to keep the focus on the Eyes.

Hope this was an easy tutorial for you all to follow. Both Leah and I will be working hard to bring you all tutorials and reviews for you to enjoy.

Feel free to send an email!

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  1. Hello, Miss Cathy. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you are doing an amazing job! Sedona Lace is lucky to have you and your talent. This look is so beautiful and thanks to your step by step photo tutorial, it looks very do-able. Thanks for taking the time to take all these photos. I have tried doing these photo tutorials and they are so time consuming! Lots of XXOOs for you.

  2. Omg this is beautiful! I love the purple & gold. Your eyes are so pretty <3