Monday, December 26, 2011

Tropical Paradise

Hi everyone we hope everyone had a wonderful holidays with family and friends. Today we will do a look a little more bright and flirty for these winter blues that some may be having.

To achieve this tropical sunset look go grab the 120 Pro Palette 2nd Edition an lets get started.


The Colors we will be using marks with a fun star fish.

We will begin by priming the entire lid with a white base to make the colors more vibrant.

We will then go in with this matte white on the inner corner of the eye to help make them look a little more awake.

Next we will take a little of each of these orange/red colors and apply them to the entire lid.

We will then go in with this hot pink color and apply it to the outer corner and into the crease.

Next we will go in with this shimmery purple 

We will also use this matte yellow color in the inner corner of the eye and blend out on the lid.

The Gey Here is to Blend as best as you can . Line the bottom Lash line with a purple and gold  Liner

A Coral Shade of Blush on the Cheeks and a Flower in your Hair will make you feel like you are in a warm and sunny place.




  1. Super cute! I love how you've been using accessories in your hair to tie all the look together. Brilliant!

  2. So pretty, love the bright pink lipstick, matches with the entire look!