Monday, December 19, 2011

Rainbow Color Block

Hello everyone!! Today I have something completely different from my last post.  Something a little bolder and brighter.  This look is not for everyone, but I think it's fun and really shows the versatility of the 120 second edition palette.

To start this look I thinly applied a white creamy pencil all over with a # 954, to create a base for the bright colors to really pop.

I then took a #305 and applied the first yellow color to the first third of my lid, on top and bottom, blending the very edges but keeping the center bright and vibrant.

Before I finished off the look completely I took my #904 and a second, lighter, more shimmery yellow color and brightened the inner corner.

I took the same #305 and applied a bright orange to the center of my eye blending the yellow and orange together to create a variegated effect, not only on the top but the bottom as well.  You don't have to worry about being neat at the top of outer corner, those will be fixed by blending in new colors.

With the same #305 I picked up the bright pink and layed it on the outer third of the lid and bringing it to the outer third of the bottom lid as well and meeting them at the end of the eye.
For the crease I picked a bright purple and applied it with windshield wiper motions with a #407 and blending the top edge very well with a #863

You could use a highlight color in a color that is close to your skintone, but I wanted to go all out.  I chose a shimmery purple shade and blended it into the dark purple with my universal blender crease to complete the look.

I finished by using a gel liner to line the top and bottom waterline and added mascara.

This look is fun to wear out and definitely a great look for parties. 

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Until next time!!



  1. Nice look. I liked the combo.
    Sahrish Adeel's Blog

  2. Awesome job, Leah! I love bright eyed looks so this one is right up my alley. I just never had eyeshadows that were this vibrant before. I need one of these palettes :)