Thursday, December 15, 2011

Olive and Brown

Today I am doing a look from the 88 matte palette using greens and browns.  If you have blue or, especially, brown eyes this look will be amazing.   And everyone with green eyes (that includes me) don't be afraid of green shadow this looks great with the green eyes as well.

First thing I did was primed my eye to make sure my eyeshadows lasted and stayed vibrant.  I like to use a tinted primer or a concealer due to the redness and veining in my eyelids.

I took the #305 and the olive green color and patted it all over the eye lid.

I then took the Pointed Crease brush and a midtone brown and with windshield wiper motions filled in the entire crease.

I then deepened the crease using the #904 and the deepest green in the palette and added it to the very outer "V" of my eye.

The last thing I did was take the Universal blender and a color very close to my skintone to create the brow bone highlight.
And that is the final look.  If I were you I would not forget to put on mascara like I did.  

I hope you enjoyed this more subtle and more neutral look.  These palettes are so versatile and can create a plethora of looks!

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Until next time!!



  1. I like this look. I'm afraid of wearing green eyeshadows but I do have brown eyes do I'm willing to try this out. I'm not sure I have a similar olive green shade but I think that's a good green tone to start off with.