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Vortex Brush Collection

Hello everyone, my name is Leah and I'm one of the new Sedona Lace interns!! I am so excited to share Sedona Lace's amazing products with you, along with Cathy.  The first product I will be reviewing for you is the recently launched brush line, called the Vortex Collection. The brushes were created by the amazing makeup artist Renelyn Monteloyola of Makeup by Ren Ren. Below I will show pictures, tell you how the brushes were designed to be used, how they differ from Sedona Lace’s first brush collection (Professional Brush Set).  Let me, also, say that if you have the Professional brush set and feel like you should pass up the Vortex collection, I urge you to really take closer look.   The brushes in the Vortex collection are completely different and serve different purposes then the Professional collection and both, together, makeup the ultimate brush wardrobe.

Let me start with the basics.  There are 13 brushes (14 if you include that one is a double ended brush) and there is an optional brush belt that is part of the collection as well.   The brush set by itself is $69.95 which makes the brushes around $5.00 - $5.38 a brush, depending on if you count the 14th brush on the double ended brush.  This in itself is just amazing value.  The brush belt is $19.95 and you can choose one with or without a zipper closing.  If you order them as a set, the cost is only $79.95 which makes the brush belt only $10!!You can get each and every brush individually as well from this collection ranging in price from $8.95 - $14.95.
Below is a picture of my entire Sedona Lace brush collection housed in the Vortex Collection’s brush belt (without zipper).

The brush belt is a leatherette belt that features room for around 23 brushes (and that’s if you only put one brush in each compartment.  You will see in the picture above, I like to double up.)  There are four very large pockets that can hold wipes, kabukis, papers, tissues, etc.  There is even a pocket to hold your business cards.  This is a very soft faux leather and is textured which is easy to clean, looks very professional unlike  the cheap plastic looking belts that are passed on much more expensive brush sets.  The strap is an adjustable belt with a clip type closure.

Full Vortex collection brush collection shown below.  The brushes are now numbered, I have a newer released set that did not come with numbers on the brushes, but the set you would receive will be labeled.
 The brushes included in this set are:
Jumbo Fan Brush – FB01
This brush is dense, soft, and works well for apply light applications of powder or brushing away fall out.  You can apply blush, highlighter, bronzer with this fan brush.

Tulip Contour – FB03
This brush is one of the gem of the face brushes. The tulip cut makes it is a perfect brush for doing contour work I love it for bronzer and also for highlighter.  After washing this brush, you will have it keep it shape better by returning it to it’s plastic holder.

Dome Contour – FB05
This brush I have heard is great for foundation application and contouring, but you can, also, use it for blush on the apples of the cheeks.  If you use light pressure and wash often you can keep any shedding at bay.

Flat Top Buffer – FB07
This brush takes ordinary foundations and helps them airbrush your face.  Maybe I lied, maybe this is the gem of the face brushes.  You can use this to contour, apply cream blushes, etc, but it is a must try with your foundation.

Onto the eye brushes!!

Universal Blender – EB09
This brush really does do everything.  It works as a flat shader brush, a fluffy blender brush, and a contour brush all at the same time.  It also doubles as an eraser, because it can go into most knooks and crannies and fix any oopsies.

Flat Synthetic brush – EB11
I use this brush with cream eyeshadows and jumbo pencils to create a flawless base.  This brush, also, makes an excellent concealer brush.

Synthetic Blender – EB13
This brush is a really nice eye shadow blender.  It is an amazing brush for concealing under the eyes.  It’s synthetic and so there is no shedding and no worry about ruining your brush.

Pointed Crease – EB15
The Pointed Crease brush is a tulip cut. This brush makes cutting the crease a breeze and it’s tapered shape helps give control and accuracy to eye looks that are more complex. 

Brow Spoolie Duo – EB17
The Brow Spoolie duo is an amazing duo set. The angle brush is rough in texture and has the ability to “create” hairs where there are none.  The other side, the spoolie, is softer than many other spoolies and creates the perfect polished brow.

Bent Liner Brush – EB19
If you struggle to apply liner with a conventional brush or an angled brush this one may be your solution.  It has a deep angle that does not obstruct the view of your eye and the small length of the bristles makes it easier to make small, accurate strokes.

Detailed Shader – EB21
The Detailed Shader Eye Brush is a smaller, stiffer version of the Sedona Lace 305 brush.  It is a perfect brush for perfecting the outer “V” and for under the bottom lashline.

Angled Detail Eye Brush – EB23
This angled brush is perfect for liner and use on the brows.  It is close to the Sedona Lace 561 in size and density of the bristles.  However, the 561 has longer bristles and is thicker and will leave a thicker line when lining the eye.  There's not too much new to say about angle brushes, but this one is thinner and softer than most and  makes a perfect brush for cut the crease looks and complex, detailed eye looks.

Capped Lip Brush – LB23
The lid on this brush helps keep things sanitary and you can snap the lid on the end of the brush and have a long handled lip brush when you are ready to use the brush.  The lid snaps securely and does not shake off while you are working on your look. This is a great brush for tiny detailing work, such as highlighting the inner corner of the eye.

I hope you found this review helpful.  Check back every other day for more reviews and tutorials by myself and the amazingly talented Cathy.

If you have any questions you can email me:, tweet me: @sedonalace_Leah, or you can find me on my personal blog:

Until next time!!


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