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12 Piece Synthetic Makeup Brushes with Cup Holder/ New Eyeshadow Primer

Hello lovely readers. Here at Sedona Lace we have been very busy doing our very best to bring you great quality products at affordable prices for everyone's budget. We are always coming up with new ideas for products for our customers and today we will be introducing some new goodies that we just know you will all just love!

We will begin with our very own Eyeshadow Primer!


Eye shadow has no chance of escape when you start your look off with our incredibly creamy primer. Our weightless formula has a slight tint to help conceal imperfections while also creating the perfect barrier between the oils of your skin and eye shadow. That means no more creasing and no more fading just intense vibrant color all day long. Fill Weight: 15ml e 0.50 US fl oz.

$14.95  Sale $9.95

A very simple and sanitary way of dispensing!

Very creamy and lightweight


Apply and let sit for a few seconds to dry just a bit works best...

A few of our eyeshadows applied over the primer. These will 

not budge and make any colors pop and more vibrant!

Now for something even more exciting! Our new addition of

Sedona Lace's newest 12 piece set is crafted out of state of the art, incredibly soft, synthetic bristles. It is an animal-friendly line that works equally as great as natural haired brushes. Synthetic bristles offer superior application for, not only powder products, but especially for cream and liquid formulas. Since these brushes absorb very little product, waste is greatly reduced. The pink and purple bristles not only look stunning but are also practical in camouflaging any makeup staining. This complete set offers everything you need to achieve a full makeover with a binary mix of essential and advanced makeup brushes. Better yet, it is housed in a sleek Brush Cup Holder that is able to be separated into two cups to hold this set of brushes and then some! When you are on the go, simply clip the sides back together and you have a portable brush container that protects and safely stores your tools.


Brush Cup Holder
Sleek Brush Cup Holder that is able to be separated into two cups to hold this set of brushes and then some! When you are on the go, simply clip the sides back together and you have a portable brush container that protects and safely stores your tools.

These are a great addition to the Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set

Duo Fibre Brush 813
This brush is made of strategically spaced bristles that provide a sheer application of color. Use it to apply pigmented blushes for the perfect amount of cheek color.

Tip: Use your fingers to pinch the bristles together to create a fan shape that is perfect for applying highlight color.

Powder Brush 376
This large, luxurious tool is the perfect powder brush. It is extremely soft, and the compact head of bristles is perfect for applying setting powder or dusting bronzer for a sun-kissed look.

Tip: This brush is large and dense enough for use on the body. Brush your bronzer onto the neck and chest for an even, blended look.

Foundation Brush 727
This classic foundation brush is perfect for applying cream and liquid products. The flat, smooth edges provide a flawless application of color.

Tip: To better blend, use a patting motion to erase any brush marks and provide a flawless finish.

Large Angled Contour Brush 850
This angled brush is the perfect shape to fit the hollows of your cheeks and easily apply contour color or bronzer. It also doubles as a blush brush.

Tip: Run the entire brush length on each side of the bridge of your nose for the perfect nose contour. You can also use it on cheekbones to highlight.

Eye Shading Brush 305
This brush contains dense, short bristles which provide ultimate control in packing on eye shadow color. It is fundamental brush that is essential in everyone’s brush collection.

Tip: Use a patting motion to build up ultimate color on the lid with minimal fall-out.

Tapered Blending Brush 863
This domed shade brush is perfect for blending both cream and powder eye shadow. It is also fantastic for blending concealer. The tapered edges virtually erase makeup lines, leaving a perfectly flawless surface.

Tip: Place in the crease and use windshield wiper motion to blend out dark colors.

Pencil Brush 904
This pencil brush is vital for smudging and blending out eyeliner for that perfect smokey eye look. Use it to rim the entire eye with color for a dramatic, sexy smokey eye.

Tip: This brush can double as a lip brush! The synthetic bristles are perfect for applying creamy lipstick or gloss.

Medium Angled Shading Brush 407
This brush is great for both applying eyeshadow color as well as blending it out. The angled edge fits well in the outer corner of the eye to create depth and dimension to any eyeshadow look.

Tip: Use this brush to apply nose contour. The angled edge and full bristles fit strategically along the bridge of the nose. The dense bristles allow for easy color blending.

Eyeliner Brush 772
This liner brush is perfect for a classic, winged eyeliner look. Beginners will love this larger liner brush because the bristles are dense and easy to control.

Tip: The detailed tip of this brush is great for concise application of concealer on small blemishes and areas of discoloration.

Large Shader Brush 941
This larger shader brush allows for quick application of color. Use it to smooth eyeshadow primer in a few quick strokes. This also makes for a great concealer brush.

Tip: Use this brush to apply highlight color to your brow-bone. The smooth edges will leave the perfect touch of color.

Concealer Brush 954
This brush has a classic multi-purpose shape for applying everything from shadow to concealer. Use it flat to pack on color or use it on it’s tip to fit into tight corners.

Tip: This brush has a great shape for tracing the brows with 

concealer for a clean, arched look.

We hope you all will get your hands on this great set. It is great to keep all of your brushes together in an easy and travel friendly container on the go in a suitcase, makeup kit, purse, you name it! 

We will have awesome posts using these new makeup brushes and eyeshadow primer. We will also be helping you all learn how to build your makeup kit using some of the fabulous Sedona Lace products.




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