Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Dreamcicle

Happy Summer everyone!! Mine officially started today, and so I celebrated by breaking out my favorite eyeshadow color, ORANGE!!  To make this look even more summery I used colors from the 88 Ultra Shimmer palette. I, also, finished up my overall look using many of Sedona Lace's amazing products! I hope you find this fun and useful and let the summer fun begin!!!!
I first primed my eyes using a tinted primer and then taking my EB 09, I ran a very bright tangerine color all through the crease and down under the lower lash line.  I didn't worry about blending yet, I will tackle that once all the bright colors are placed.

With the #941 I used a golden, yellow and placed that on the lid and inner half of the lower lash line.

I wanted definition, so I added a black to the outer "V" of the eye with the EB 21.  I didn't want this to be super dark, so after I placed the color, I blended the first tangerine color over top with the EB 09 to diffuse the black but keep the definition.

For my highlight, I wanted a matte color, because the rest of the eye is so shimmery and fantastic.  I used a skin tone color from the 88 matte palette.  This palette has a huge array of skin tone colors. You can also find a large selection of skin tone shades in the 88 warm palette, as well. 


Lastly, for the eyes, I added two coats of blue mascara, because IT'S SUMMER!!  

For the rest of the face, I used the EB 13 and a very light concealer to conceal under my eyes.

I worked my foundation in using the #480 Synthetic round top powder brush.  You could pick and choose with your eyes closed any of the Midnight Lace face brushes and you'd still get amazing foundation results.. they are amazing.I worked powder over the top with a dual fiber #813 and with that same brush, I used the color Sunstone from the Bridgette palette as my face highlight.  If you like a blingy, in your face highlight like I do, I highly recommend trying this shadow as your highlighter. 
The last steps were a bright orange cheek on a FB 05 and a very pale coral lip gloss and I was done and ready to enjoy the weather outside.

Have a safe summer, and when you're taking a break from outside check us out for more tutorial and reviews!

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