Monday, June 11, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes Matte Shadows

Hello fellow makeup lovers. Today we will introducing a few Matte eyeshadow pigments from Glamour Doll Eyes. We all love the great color payoff of these pigments and if you are looking for more of a matte finish rather than shimmer, than the ones listed are definitely the ones to pick up!

All colors applied with Stick it to 'Em eyeshadow primer 

Left to Right: Urban Trash , Girlfriend Sweater, Tokyo, Ahoy Sailor , Olivia Green, Mingles, Cloud Coverage, Martini Olive

Use your favorite makeup brushes and pat these onto the lid. Working with pigments can be a bit tricky, so we do not want to swipe but pat the color on. 

A fun look will be coming using these awesome colors!




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