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Makeup Kit Basics with Sedona Lace

Hello beautiful readers so today we will be working on an informative and detailed post. For anyone into makeup whether it is professionally, or jut purely for the love of the artistry, it is a must to have even the most basic of items. Even if you are just doing makeup on friends and family or are a budding makeup artist looking to start of their own makeup kit. 

These are just some basic materials I find that are essential for anyone taking their craft on the go and possibly venturing out into becoming a professional makeup artist.

This is purely some basic items to start with not going into extreme detailed as to what foundations and other personal items I use in my kit. Using Sedona Lace products anyone can slowly build up there kits at an affordable price which is key when starting out in the makeup industry.

This will be a picture heavy post and detailed so grab your favorite snack and drink and get comfy.

Let us begin with the Makeup Artist Brush Belt. It is affordable for $19.99 and fits a ton and I mean a ton of brushes .Will show you just how many later on in the post. This is great for the busy makeup artist that may not have ample space to maybe lay out her brushes for a job and just needs the convenience of having everything close by and can easily move around a room without having to move your set up .


They are an absolute MUST when working on clients.You must always be sanitary and as hygienic as possible as to not to spread germs or contaminate beauty products . These lip wands are very inexpensive and come usually in packs of 25, 50, or more. They are great for lip glosses and any lip product in a jar form .

These mascara wands are staple! The eyes are very sensitive and everyone it just isnt sanitary to double dip between clients on the mascara. Be conscious of contact lens wearers, and those with sensitive eyes and dispose the wand after each use.

Powder puffs are great for setting powders and to lock everything in place. They come in a variety of styles and in large packages as well. 

Makeup Sponges ,wedges these are great wet for foundation application .

These Q-tips come pre filled with makeup remover in them ! you snap the one end and tilt it so that the solution runs to the opposite end and voila you have a super easy way to clean up mascara or eyeliner boo boos super quick. Great in your purse on the go too!

Makeup Remover wipes are must have on hand as well. When you need a quick clean up or a bride that just loves how makeup looks but just cant wait to wipe it all off after a photo session . 

** TIP when storing keep the package upside down. All of the liquids are settled at the bottom during storage, so we want to keep all of the wipes moist not just the few at the bottom that way all of the liquid runs through to the others evenly**

Brush Cleaner is great to have for in between applications when you need to maybe use the same brush but in a different color in your palette.

Alcohol is very important to keep everything sanitary. You want to use this to clean your eyelash curler, brush handles if need be, and any other items that need to be maybe sanitized.

A spray bottle is great to have with some alcohol for something smaller to travel with.

Hand sanitizer!!! Whether you are a germophobe or not when working on anyone you must think like one!! Wash your hands and if can not do that you must sanitize your hands. Do this in front of the client to that they see you are considerate of there safety and your protect both them and yourself of any unwanted germs.

An eyelash curler for those falsies or even natural lashes

Our eyeliner gels come in a variety of colors and great on to have in your makeup kit. Are very small and super affordable at $5.95 each.

Eyeshadow Primer and Foil Me mixing medium for eyeshadows are a must. We want to make our coors last as long as possible for weddings, parties, photo shoots so quality products like these will help get the job done.

Eyeshadow pigments like those from Glamour Doll Eyes are great for custom blending colors or making a lipgloss off hand if needed.
You can keep them in a large ziploc bag like shown above for storage or if you aren't one to use too many...

You can use a small tin to hold your small jars and fit neatly and secure. Dont have to worry that they will spill and ruin everything in your kit because they can be a bit messy if they open.

If you are in a small space and do not have access to a vanity or mirror it is good to have a hand mirror available for whomever you are working on to see how gorgeous you have made them!

Ok so now we need somewhere to put all of your tools and supplies. A small traincase like this is great if you are working on maybe on ly a few people nothing to elaborate.

Keep those pretty little organza bags your Sedona Lace goodies come in. These are great when you need somewhere to put those dirty makeup brushes at the end of a long day or photo shoot.


Ok now for your eyeshadow. Some great palette's to have are the 120 Pro Palette 2nd Edition and the 168 Palette 2nd Edition. You get all of your brights, matte, shimmer, satin finishes all in one!

Another great palette is the 120 Pro Palette Warm Edition perfect for the neutrals and warm earthy tones.

15 Ultra Shimmer Palette is great for those metallic shimmery looks .

If you don't want such a large palette the 28 Neutral Palette is a great alternative and gives you a great selection of neutral colors as well.

10 Color Camouflage concealer is a must for those pesky under eye circles, blemishes etc. Comes with a variety of shades to accommodate anyone you will use it on .


28 Blush Palette  is great because it gives you a variety of pinks, corals, and neutral shades for the cheeks.

Highlight+ Contour 

The contour and blush palette gives you options to highlight above the cheek bone, contour for definition, and color for the cheeks as well.

All of the palettes are stackable and are very durable!

 The 12 Piece Synthetic Professional Makeup Brush set with Cup holder is great for your set up. You can divide your brushes up at your work space. Keep the Face brushes on one side and your eye brushes in the other. Or simply use the cups to put your dirty brushes in after and clasp on the sites and close up .Easy clean up, storage, and protection.

Hope you are all still hanging in there now we will begin with essential brushes.


The 813 great for cream blushes or for stippling foundation.

The FB03 can be used for contouring or highlighting top of cheek bones.

The FB01 great for wiping away any eyeshadow fallout and contouring the cheeks.

FB07 , 

These are great for applying your liquid foundations. You have the choice of type of brush you wish to apply with and coverage as well. The flat top and kabuki brushes are a bit more dense and allow for more full coverage when applying foundation.

The Kabuki Brush is functional more for powder foundations if you prefer as well. 

 The 376 brushes are great for using with setting powders after foundation applications. Super soft and great for all over the face.


Large contour Brush 850

Dome Contour FB05

These are great for blush and contouring.


Concealer brush 954 
Flat synthetic EB11
 perfect for cream or liquid concealers.

 Synthetic Blender EB13

Tapered blending 863

Universal Blender EB09

Great for blending in the crease

 Large shader Brush 941

Eye shader brush 305

 Detailed shader brush EB21

These are all perfect for packing on the color whether a loose pigment or eyeshadow from a pan.

Bent Liner brush EB19 

Eyeliner Brush 772

Perfect for applying those gel liners

Angles detailed EB23

Small Angles brush 561

These are great for creating a winged liner or just lining the lash line.

Medium Angled Shading Brush #407 
Great for highlighting the brow bone area.

Pencil Brush #904 

Pointed Crease Brush EB15

These are great for the outer "V" when trying to create depth or a smokey eye.

Brow Spoolie Duo EB17 

This is a great brush for defining the brows. The spoolie can also be use to separate lashes as well.

Capped Lip Brush LB25

This can be used for applying lipstick. This is not disposable so be sure to clean well between applications before using on someone else!

Now to fit all these gorgeous brushes into our little belt....

Just like that and there was even room for a few more brushes if need be!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and will help you all in building your kits! Again this is just the very basics a lot more goes into a makeup kit but this is just an idea of how with Sedona Lace you can be a pro in no time!

Be sure to check out the individual posts on any products listed above!




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  1. Wow! Thanks so much for this. A friend of mine wants me to do make up for the models she's using for her website and I was at a lost of what to bring!

  2. Your welcome and so glad we were able to help you with a little insight on how to start. Hope it was a much success for you.