Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rainbow Sherbet

Hello beauties!! I hope you are having an awesome weekend!! Today's look was inspired by my daughter's favorite dessert of all time, Rainbow Sherbet.  This look is very easily achieved with the 120 palette 2nd edition from Sedona Lace.  I went for a more wearable, daily look, but brighten the colors or bring them up more past the crease and you can really make this look an attention grabber.  So let's grab your favorite brushes and lets get started. 

The first thing I did was took the ML #863  and a cool toned chocolate brown and ran it through the crease.  This is the color that I used to tone the bright colors down and make this a more wearable look. 

I then used a jumbo pencil in white and ran it over the entire lid and blended well to create a base for my bright sherbet colored shadows. 

With the ML #305 I placed a bright orange in the inner part of the lid and blended the inner most part very well in anticipation of the next color.  I, also, ran it under the lashline slightly. (I forgot to take a picture with just the orange color, but I think you can get an idea of placement).

With the same ML #305, I added a bright pink next to the orange and also under the lashline, blending very well in both places. 

The last color on the lid was the bright green which I placed on the eye with the #305 so that the colors would not become muddy, I blended very carefully. 

The last shadow I used was a bright white, which I used on the brow bone with the ML #407.  I made sure that the top line of the brown crease color was very well blended by using the brow bone color as a blender color as well.

As always I ended with two coats of mascara and a face full of products applied with my Midnight Lace Brushes.  

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, don't forget to sign up to win our GIVEAWAY, it ends soon, don't delay!!


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  1. I love your eyes :)!
    Much love,

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