Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gilded Gold

Hello Beauties!! The look I would like to show you today, is one of the most obvious uses of the amazing 88 Metal palette and that's metals! I chose gold today, and I will be using silver later on this week.  I find that even these darker colored looks work during the summertime, especially the gold on tanner skins (which, unfortunately, I am unable to show you on tan skin).

The first thing I did was used a skin tone primer
With a ML #941, I applied a very light gold all over the lid.  

With the same brush, I went over the lighter color in the outer corner with a much darker gold, this gold errs on the bronze side.

I then took my favorite crease brush, the EB 15, and ran a very dark khaki color with gold flecks through the crease and into the outer "V" area. I, also, ran this color under the lower lash line with the EB 21.

For my highlight, I took a cream color that had a golden undertone on the EB 13, and ran that through my brow bone and down into the crease color to blend. 

The last eyeshadow I used was a very shimmery champagne color, which I placed in the inner tear duct and under the lower lash line about a 1/3 of the way in with the EB 21.

Two coats of mascara and I was ready to go.

I hope you are enjoying your summer!  Sedona Lace will be back on June 15th from their summer break and shipping will begin again on June 18th!

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