Sunday, June 17, 2012

Retro Mod

When I received my 88 warm palette I knew it was going to get some major use.  It's full of the most amazing colors that are perfect for everyday use.  I did not, however, expect that the black in this palette would turn out to be the greatest black in the history of black eye shadows.  I have used it everyday as liner and anytime I need a black shadow it is the palette I pull out.  So when I woke up feeling a little retro (sometimes you just need some retro in your day), I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to use my favorite shadow and use some Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick inspiration.  I hope you like.

The first thing I did was primed my eyes and covered the entire eye with white shadow from the 88 warm palette using the ML #305.

This look has two shadows and is bold and so not any brush will do, you need quality made, precision cut bristles or this look will quickly become a hot mess. My suggestions for brushes for this are the EB 21 or the EB 23.  They are both short bristled, slightly stiffer brushes that really help keep things precise.  I used the EB 23 today.  

I started in the inner corner above my natural crease and lined a line following the curves of the eye socket until I reached the outer corner.  I worked very slowly and tried to keep the line neat.  I wasn't perfect, but the EB 23 makes this much easier.  When I reached the outer corner I stopped and then lined the upper lash line and met the two in the outer corner to create a flick, as you can see in the picture.

I used the same shadow and brush and lined the bottom lash line and the water line.  I was going out to the store so I skipped the Mod lashes, but they would work perfectly.

I finished with a MASSIVE amount of mascara and then I was ready to take on the day with a retro flare.

 I hope you found this helpful!  It took time, even though it only had 2 shadows it was not a boom and done look.  But I took my time and used the best brushes and shadows and it was fun and I loved the way it turned out.  I hope you did too.

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